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We are a Michigan based company specializing in energy efficient lighting and commercial refrigeration. We supply energy efficient products with installation and rebate services for Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Together with large and small businesses we work towards decreasing the carbon footprint, reducing energy consumption, and saving business owners money in operating costs for years to come.

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We’re here to help. Email us any time or call Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5PM. If you have a project or have questions about your businesses options for reducing energy use and operating costs. Ask us about our current LED pricing.

At MiEBS we provide solutions to reduce energy use and operating costs for businesses.

  • Consulting Services for reducing your operating costs
  • Custom Built Refrigeration and Installation
  • Installation Project Management
  • Energy Efficient Lighting and Refrigeration Products
  • Utility Rebates
  • Financing available
  • Friendly Customer Service

info@miebs.com     Click here to fill out our contact form     269.599.6059 – Emily Parfet (Owner)
616.914.7899 – Mike Mostrom (Grocery & C-store)
815.546.8288 – Don Jollay (Industial & Warehouse-Smart IOT’s)

Quality products combined with quality services for long term repeat customers.

Emily Parfet, Owner

Emily Parfet

My business motto is “Keep the Quality Up.”  I am extremely passionate about conserving energy and saving businesses money.  I have been a business owner for over 15 years, and I know that general expenses can be a killer for businesses.  You have to keep the lights on, but why pay more?  LED lighting and our energy efficient commercial refrigeration products help businesses large and small save money and reduce our overall carbon footprint.  I love what we do.  When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors.  Hunting is a huge passion as well as cooking.

emilyparfet@miebs.com | 269.599.6059

Mike Mostrom, Regional Sales Director

Mike Mostrom

I have been working within the energy efficiency business realm for the last 5.5 years, and have enjoyed the many relationships that I have built throughout that time.  The main focus of my job is to eliminate energy waste for our clients, upgrades the aesthetics of their stores and put big money back into their pockets every month by reducing their fixed costs. In total, I have helped over 1,000 Michigan businesses save on energy cost.  These types of businesses include supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, municipal buildings and office buildings.

Personally, I have a Bachelors in Business and a Masters in Business Administration.  I love to be on the lake wake boarding, knee boarding, skiing, surfing, even barefooting.  I enjoy every kind of sport, as well as coaching my kids’ teams in football, basketball and baseball.  I also enjoy traveling to any beach down south, and I try to make it to Chicago as much as possible for games.  Go Bears!

mikemostrom@miebs.com | 616.914.7899

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